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I was hoping this was going to work, lol! i have 2 disabilities, and wanted an easier way to remove the scale, that collects at the bottom of my solar panels, after it rains. Doing it by hand, when the heat index gets over 100 degrees, can be too much. It comes with a great assortment of durable attachments…

Stump Dog

Fits into my drill with zero problems. Tested on several surfaces and it works great! I’ve always wanted these and I am really glad I was able to get my hands on this set. It’s got a wide variety of scrubbers and bristles from soft to hard and everything in between. No more elbow grease needed, just my drill and one of…

Christa Nova
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Comes in handy with all my cleaning around the house! My husband is a diesel mechanic so fighting grease is a daily battle. I get black spots all over my white bathroom sink and the white shower insert from when he cleans up. I like this set because I just put which ever pad or brush I need on my drill and clean that puppy…

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As a former Supervisor over a Hospital Environmental team, I have always looked for “Work smart not hard” methods to clean. This product is an overall good one as long as you don’t expect a miracle from the brushes alone. You do have to use chemicals with these brushes to achieve a good clean…

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Disclaimer: I received these items as part of the Amazon Vine program. Below is my unbiased review.
I bought a set of brushes equivalent to these for myself and loved them. I gave them to my parents and got this set too.
My favorites are the large diameter bristle brushes. Great for…


All most overwhelming, when I opened the box and saw the multitude of attachments. I ordered this because I am on well water, which has a very high Iron content, which stains some of the surface reddish and it is just backbreaking to clean it. My Tub seems to get the worst of it, with the dripping…

Timothy Watts
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These cleaning brushes and pads make cleaning addictive. We have hard water and get calcium and iron build up anywhere we use water, the sink, shower, tub, dishwasher, even the counter around the faucet and the drip tray for the refrigerator drip tray. They are many other things these brushes and pads…

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I used this set with our Dewault drill set and it worked perfectly! I’m excited we can clean up the tub after clogged drains and muddy dog baths, using much less energy.

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