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Great overall cleaning kit

I didn’t really dislike anything about this kit – I was missing the “original” brush from my kit. Otherwise, everything worked as expected. Attached to my drill fine and cleaned the surfaces I needed it for.

Sean Chiccino

Excellent kit!

I used the pads in this kit to buff my headlights with a little bit of rubbing compound and sealed them with some liquid ceramic coating and they came out FLAWLESS and then I used the brushes to clean my wheels and tires. I couldn’t be happier with this kit so many applications! Def worth the asking price!

Sean Chiccino

Lots of useful accessories in this kit

This kit is wonderful because of all the different drill attachments it comes with. These brush attachments have made cleaning various items extremely quick and easy – just let the weight of the drill do all the work! So far I’ve used these to clean my sofa, my office chair cushion, the floor mats in my car, and the shower.

The bristles are firm so I was a little hesitant at first to use them on the suede/microfiber fabric of my sofa. However, I kept the drill at a very low speed and did not press the bristles down into the fabric. I used the yellow 4-inch brush to scrub my sofa – the right-side cushion in my photo is the “before” and the left cushion is the result of about 2 minutes of drill-scrubbing. WOW what a difference! Layers and layers of dirt scrubbed away in a snap.

As for the negatives, I have to say some of the bristles are a little deformed from being jammed tightly together. Also I’m not a fan of the bucket, the plastic lid is flimsy and the blue center-cover keeps popping off and won’t sit properly. It should also be a teensy bit larger – I haven’t figured out how to arrange all the pieces “just right” so that the lid closes comfortably without smushing the bristles down again. Minus 1-star.

Basically don’t buy this kit for the bucket, but buy it for everything else!


A reason to bring my cordless tool into the bathroom ūüėČ

All most overwhelming, when I opened the box and saw the multitude of attachments. I ordered this because I am on well water, which has a very high Iron content, which stains some of the surface reddish and it is just backbreaking to clean it. My Tub seems to get the worst of it, with the dripping faucet. So I was excited to find a reason to use my tools in the house… I first used the Red pad trying to see if I could get the rust to remove some of it. That started to remove a good portion of the rust stains, but it was not getting the curved spots in the tub so I reached for the Red bristle attachment to catch the curved spot the pad just did not do too well with, and WOW what a job on the drain portion. I have never been able to get anything to clean the rim of the drain. It looked like I had just installed a new one!!!

Shocked and amazed I had just resolved to have a drain that looked a bit dingy and hoped it just did not look well clean. I wanted to see what else I could use them on, and started going around the house trying to find something I could not clean easily. Spoiler alert Everything I took on with, some elbow grease, came clean!!!
Cleaning with this tool box of brushes makes life a little bit easier and gives me a reason to go into the bathroom with my cordless drill, without my other half yelling at me!!!
The bucket makes for a good storage container when complete and even has drain holes in the lid to keep the ‚Äútools‚ÄĚ from getting mildewed and funkey (just turn over the bucket on its lid and drain any left over water until dry.
I really am impressed at how well this worked to remove the high iron stains…

Timothy Watts
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Keep finding new things to clean!

These cleaning brushes and pads make cleaning addictive. We have hard water and get calcium and iron build up anywhere we use water, the sink, shower, tub, dishwasher, even the counter around the faucet and the drip tray for the refrigerator drip tray. They are many other things these brushes and pads can be used for, but for me, my biggest challenge is the hardware build up which was the reason I ordered this set. The collapsible bucket isn’t really of much use for me since I have mop buckets I already use for cleaning, but for cleaning after use, it can be helpful so you don’t get sprayed with water since it has a small hole in the lid just for the brushes and pads to fit through. Normally the only thing that works on my hard water build up is soaking with white vinegar. But this can be corrosive for things like the gaskets on my faucets, etc. And while I don’t mind the smell, my family complains. These scrub brushes and pads, with the power of my dewalt power drill, make it so much easier to get the build up off! You could use with soap or cleaning products, or just water. I mostly use just water unless its something I am also trying to disinfect like the sink. So far, the brushes have held up well to wearing down for the surfaces I have used them on. If you are using them on a rough surface like concrete or grout, they will wear down faster. Use the suggested color to the corresponding surfaces to ensure you aren’t scratching the surfaces, and that your brushes and pads last as long as possible. This is a great value, and even though I don’t think I will need to order replacements for a long time, I definitely would order this set again.


Great set

There are so many attachments for every use you could think of. The shafts are strong and fit onto my screw gun. The attachments range from polishing all the way up to really abrasive. The bucket was an added bonus, I really didn’t need it but it’s handy. I do wish that it fit all of the attachments or they came with some kind of bag to contain them since there’s so many. Overall though, this will make cleaning a lot easier and seems rather durable.

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great assortment

power cleaning gem
great assortment of brushes for your drill…
u will learn, there is the proper toughness of bristle u need for the job
here u have them all, experiment before ruining the material u are cleaning
built well, they do not fall apart too quickly….but remember these will self destruct, they are a disposable product…
recommended, 4.5 stars

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Overall Good Product

As a former Supervisor over a Hospital Environmental team, I have always looked for “Work smart not hard” methods to clean. This product is an overall good one as long as you don’t expect a miracle from the brushes alone. You do have to use chemicals with these brushes to achieve a good clean. (Please excuse the horribly filthy door in my son’s room, it is disgusting, but it did give me a chance to really test this product.) You can see from the before and after photos that they do a pretty good cleaning job. without scratching off the paint when you use the correct cleaning brush. (NOTE:) The instructions are not 100% accurate for telling which brush to use. One part says the 5-inch brush is “soft” and will not scratch surfaces. As you read further it says the same 5-inch brush is “hard”, which should not be used on certain surfaces – there is only one 5-inch brush, so be careful not to use this brush on soft surfaces. I really like the collapsable bucket; however, the lid is made of very cheap, flimsy plastic. The plastic on the bottom of the bucket is of better quality and more solid. This product is good for the fact that it saves on elbow work because it does a faster rotation of cleaning and will get the surface cleaner in a shorter period of time than me scrubbing by hand. (NOTE) – When using chemicals to clean it will toss the cleaning products on surrounding surfaces because of the fast spinning, so you may need to cover surrounding areas if you don’t want to get cleaning products tossed on them. Overall I like it and I would recommend this product for faster cleaning.

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Great Set

Disclaimer: I received these items as part of the Amazon Vine program. Below is my unbiased review.

I bought a set of brushes equivalent to these for myself and loved them. I gave them to my parents and got this set too.

My favorites are the large diameter bristle brushes. Great for scrubbing the shower, kitchen sink, outdoor furniture, etc. The brushes are all the same stiffness, regardless of color.

The scouring pads are different coarseness based on color. The sponges are good for sensitive surfaces such as cars or dishes. They secure via hook and loop fasteners to a spindle with a yellow foam substrate. Nice touch.

Also included is a long (6″) extension bit with a quick release coupling. Mine arrived disassembled, but it’s easy to push back together. The extension is a must-have. I like to put the clutch setting on my drill to a low value so it stalls when I’m exerting too much downward pressure.

This kit also came with a collapsible bucket. The plastic is pretty cheap on it. The lid latches I trimmed with a hobby knife for better fitment. The bucket holds 20 cups (1.25 US gallons). When full, the handle seems sturdy enough, but I’d avoid using it with higher density fluids. Collapsing is easy done with 1 hand. Great for traveling or camping. I’ll probably install an eye screw onto the lid so I can hang the bucket in my shop.


This set will tackle any chore in your house

I was hoping this was going to work, lol! i have 2 disabilities, and wanted an easier way to remove the scale, that collects at the bottom of my solar panels, after it rains. Doing it by hand, when the heat index gets over 100 degrees, can be too much. It comes with a great assortment of durable attachments, for just about anything you plan to do; -AND- at a reasonable price! There are options for scrubbing, descaling in assorted grit, or roughness, and even has a few sponges. The steel extension allows roughly 5 1/2″ overall, to the reach, as well. If you want to save time, and make it easier; Grab this set! I don’t consider it an industrial-grade option, but you’d be lucky to get one or two pieces for this price. If you just want it for small, infrequent chores around the house, i think you’ll be pleased.

Stump Dog

Super scrubbers!

Fits into my drill with zero problems. Tested on several surfaces and it works great! I’ve always wanted these and I am really glad I was able to get my hands on this set. It’s got a wide variety of scrubbers and bristles from soft to hard and everything in between. No more¬†elbow¬†grease¬†needed, just my drill and one of these!

Christa Nova
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Works great

Comes in handy with all my cleaning around the house! My husband is a diesel mechanic so fighting grease is a daily battle. I get black spots all over my white bathroom sink and the white shower insert from when he cleans up. I like this set because I just put which ever pad or brush I need on my drill and clean that puppy right up. No elbow grease needed. Only thing is it takes a bit to see what brush works best with what surface since there is nothing to tell you anything.

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I used this set with our Dewault drill set and it worked perfectly! I’m excited we can clean up the tub after clogged drains and muddy dog baths, using much less energy.