Equibals 21-Piece Drill Brush Set With Collapsible Water Bucket for Cleaning

    About this item

    Why choose us

    All the brush bristles are mounted over polypropylene plastic block which gives strong bonding that the bristles stay in one place for long. High quality nylon bristle can get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and achieve a deeper clean, definitely a good partner for your household cleaning.

    Operation Guide

    1. Choose drill brush according to the actual cleaning location.
    2. Install the drill brush on the cordless drill.
    3. Turn on the drill and start cleaning.
    4. After cleaning, separate the drill brush and clean it.


    The shower scrubber for drill includes a variety of drill brushes. Drill brushes of different hardness can be selected according to the cleaning position. The scrub brush for a drill is easy to install, easy to replace and easy to use. All of the brushes have a quarter inch quick change shaft, fits for most of the drills and drivers.

    Pay Attention

    1. If you find that the bristles are bent. Don’t worry about it. Only put the bent brush expose to the sun for a period of time or blow it with a hair dryer, the bristles will be restored.
    2. According to your cleaning needs, choose different brushes and extended reach attachment.
    3. The scouring pads be made of silica sand, don’t use scouring pads to scrub your glass, tiles, leather. Will leave scratch.
    4. Do not press too hard during use, this my damage the accessories.
    5. When you are using the edge brush, dust and debris may fly out. Please keep away from eyes or wear protective goggles before cleaning.
    6. For excellent results, please use the right detergent.