EQUIBALS Automatic touchless Hand sanitizer Dispenser (Pink)

  • PROTECT YOURSELF FROM VIRUS: EQUIBALS automatic touchless hand sanitizer and foaming soap dispenser ensures that no germs are spread and stress less about spreading the virus, this dispenser is compatible with mostly liquid soap, like handwashing fluid, dishwashing liquid, facial cleanser etc. you can pour in 3:1 liquid soap and 3:2 water shake the bottle for a while, then use the dispenser to make foaming
  • WIDELY APPLICATION & LARGE CAPACITY: Equipped with the smart infrared motion sensor with 0-70 mm sensing distance and foaming time 1s while keeps you and loved ones healthy and avoid risk. The bottom bottle capacity of dispenser is 12 OZ/350ml. 50 days use per each bottle. NOTE: this product is suitable for foaming soap and hand sanitizer, not suitable for gel or alcohol.
  • WATERPROOF DURABLE MATERIAL (IP X4): The waterproof soap and sanitizer dispenser is made of the best materials. If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact us for a no hassle and no stress refund.
  • SUITABLE/USABLE FOR ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: put it on the desk, dining table, car, kitchen, bathroom or the entrance of your house, hotel, office, hospital. Restaurant to allow your family members, guests and visitors disinfect immediately when they come back or visit.
  • BATTERY OPERATED, QUIET, ENERGY-SAVING: Internal Rechargeable li-ion battery with no replacement up to 10800 times use. Easy to recharge with any standard USB port with 500 times pumps per each charge. Fast, accurate and quiet operation, thanks to use durable motor. Low power consumption with 1 month stand by time.